Sunday, 16 April 2017

Needle felted Jawa from Star Wars revisited

The other year I was delighted to get in touch with Cozy Classic book creators Jack & Holman Wang. They produce a beautiful range of books aimed at small children perfect for bedtime special time with family. The books contain very little words instead using the imagination and wonderful photos of scenes to follow​ the journey. All the characters are needle felted and the sets are like mini movie sets. The books range from Classic novels like Oliver Twist and Moby Dick to sci-fi legends, Star Wars the original trilogy are my favourite so far! Though saying that the new Wizard of Oz book is coming out next month! Very exciting and yes I am a grown up but I will still be buying it as I just love them!

Showing an interest in their creative talents and of course my love of both Star Wars and needle felting I was delighted to be given a link on how to create my own needle felted Jawa! So I grabbed some wool and my needles and had a go!
Here is my creation! I was quite pleased with the result!

Jack & Holman Wang's fabulous tutorial on how to make a Jawa is available via Scribd app on playstore.

Please visit their youtube link here:

The series of their books including the Star Wars trilogy is available on Amazon.

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