Sunday, 9 April 2017

Needle felting a jazzy birds nest, Easter project by Kat Hazelton.

Needle felted Jazzy Eggs ornie by Kat Hazelton

This is a really easy project perfect for a table display, hanging on ornamental twigs or as a gift for Easter. Would be perfect project to do with children though supervision is recommended as needle felting needles are very sharp!

What you need:
Polystyrene egg shapes(I bought little ones from Hobbycraft)
Assortment of merino felting wool
Felting mat to work on
Felting needles
Ready made decorative birds nests(Mine came from The Range)
Glue to glue eggs into basket.
Thread (optional to hang up)

Covering your egg in wool.

Take little wisps of your chosen felting wool and start gently needle felted onto the egg. Try not to stab over the same area too much as you can damage the polystyrene.

 Needle felt your wool all over your egg covering all the white polystyrene.

 When the egg is totally covered gently roll between your hands to smooth out any loose fibres.

 Decorating your egg with a swirly pattern.

To add a swirly pattern take a long piece of wool and needle felt it onto the bottom of your egg shape. This is the flatter end.

 Wrap and needle felt as you go leaving the main colour of your egg in between as shown in photo.

 Carry on until you reach the more pointed part of your egg or until wool runs out. If too long snip with scissors and needle felt into place.

 Decorating your egg with a spotted pattern.

Take little wisps of wool and needle felt little dots all over your egg.

 Try adding different colours for a fun effect.

Now glue your little eggs into their nest. You can now add thread to hand them up or how about adding some moss or little feathers! And you don't have to do birds eggs try doing them in other colours maybe as dragon eggs! I hope you enjoyed my tutorial have fun and happy Easter..

Please excuse any typos I did this tutorial via my mobile and it misbehaves! Lol! 

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