Tuesday, 9 May 2017

There's no place like felt! Cozy Classic new Wizard of Oz book!

Very excited my copy of Cozy Classics The Wonderful Wizard of Oz arrived today. Created by Jack and Holman Wang.  This beautiful book is aimed at small children telling the story in 12 simple words accompanied by 12 beautiful photos of needle felted scenes! The idea of the simplicity is to capture the imagination of both the child and the adult to use both your imaginations to tell the story. I bought a copy for myself as some of you know I am both a film and needle felt geek lol! I totally love Jack and Holman's needle felting and I have to say after the fantastic Star Wars trilogy this one does not disappoint in fact it is rather wicked like a certain witch featured in the book! Watch out Dorothy!

Here are a few images from the book. I got my copy from Amazon but it is also available via all good book shops.

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