Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wet Felting a trinket pot part two

Welcome back to part two of my wet felting tutorial. In part one we wet felted a pot now the pot is dry it is time to add the finishing touches.

Trouble shooting..... If you find you pot has any holes, it shouldn't have but don't panic if you do! Sometimes if you don't use enough wool this can happen. Just take some matching wool fibres and needle felt any thin areas. Unless you want to keep your holes! Holes can be very attractive and part of your design.
Also if you gently needle felt the whole pot it can help to stiffen up your pot if you feel it is not firm enough. The great thing about wet and and needle felting is that mistakes can be easily corrected and there are no rules!

To finish off my pot I decided to sew on some beads. I used some miracle beads. These fabulous beads glow and glimmer in the light so really a nice contrast against the wool.

Using a needle and thread I sewed the miracle beads on the yellow areas of wool.

I found some little blue/gold foil seed beads so added them on the blue areas. Again sewing them into place.

Finished pot ready for display or for putting little treasures in.

Below the finished pot taken with a flash to show off the miracle beads. Ooooo look at them glowing like fairy lights!

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and it inspires some of you to have a go! Remember my tutorials are just to give you an idea of what you can create, there are no rules so experiment.
 Have fun, Kat😉
This is a Krafting with Kat tutorial

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