Saturday, 15 July 2017

Fairy house and garden part two!

Hello welcome is part two of my fairy house and garden project.

Well last time you tuned in I had glued the little house ( hamster house) onto the base, sculpted a hill and glued on the stones to create a road and path. I have now added a grass lawn. This was a piece of 1:12 scale dolls house lawn which comes in a sheet very similar to dolls house carpet. Using a regular household clear glue ( Uhu) I have glued this over the hill and partly over the house. I had a scrap piece so I glued another bit on the other side of the path.

Adding a carpet of grass!

Using some quick drying filler ( bought at B&Q) I added some texture to the front of the house.

Using the same filler I filled in between the stones and on all areas showing wood. Apart from by the house where I glued some stones ( which my dear friend Suzanne gave me thank you).This is where I am going to add some potted plants later.

A little pathway of stones heading to a log store. The log store was something I had lurking in my bits n bobs box. The logs are just sticks from my garden.

Close up of road.

When the filler was dry I painted the front of the house with a base coat of white acrylic paint. I am not sure what colour the little house is going to be yet but it makes a good base colour. 

Well I hope you enjoyed part two part three coming soon....

A little update on my Mums Frog house.
Using the same filler I have filled the gaps in between the stone cladding....will update with part three on this little project. 

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