Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Making a fairy house and garden.

Please follow me over the coming months as I create a little miniature garden and house.
 I am not sticking to any scale with this project (this is not a 1/12th scale dollhouse project) instead I am classing it 'fairy scale'! Which means there are no rules! Lol! After all from what I have been told fairies make up their homes from items they have found, things they find and borrow! So anything goes!

At the moment I am enjoying the fun part of gathering supplies! My first gathering was from B&Q and Poundland.

To use as a base for my garden and house I have bought a pine shelf from B&Q. Mainly because it was cheap(about £6) nicely made and not too big. You can instead use a piece of MDF. Just remember to sand the edges to make it smooth.
I also bought some little tiles which I thought would make a perfect garden path! I got this pack for just £1 in their summer sale.

I also found this pack of little pegs in Poundland for just £1! After all fairies, pixies and witches need to wash their smalls! 
Poundland are well worth a look for items. They often sell sequins and cheap buttons, wool and wooden sticks for gardening all good for making fairy projects. 

Coming soon gathering natural items from woodland walks ideas on what to look out for and how to use them for fairy projects. Also fairy books to aid in ideas. 

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