Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. I hope you will join me for more tutorials and craft ideas in 2018. Kat ๐Ÿ˜Š

Monday, 27 November 2017

Making a Christmas tree decoration from a Costa Coffee cup!

The other week on a family day out we grabbed some coffees from Costa and they came in festive cups. So rather than putting them in the bin I decided to make some decorations from them.
All you need is:
PVA glue
String or yarn.

Gently wash your cup then remove the festive outer cover. One of mine was a bit coffee stained but that didn't bother me. Now cut out the gingerbread man shape. Then from your now undecorated cup cut a rectangle bigger than your gingerbread man. Using pva glue stick the gingerbread man onto the non shiny side of the cardboard. When dry cut around the gingerbread man and add some glue to areas you want to add glitter. Then sprinkle some glitter (I used gold) and leave it to dry. Once dry tap any loose glitter off. Then make a hole at the top with a pencil. Now thread with string and hang up! Makes good use of old coffee cups and is a fun and easy project for any ages to try.
If you don't buy coffee then use old wrapping paper instead look for larger patterns as they are easier to cut.

Have fun!๐ŸŽ„

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Burtonesque Christmas Baubles tutorial by Kat Hazelton

I recently bought some wonderful Halloween wood shapes from Calico Craft parts. They do a fantastic range of wood shapes in a variety of themes including seasonal shapes for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and also more unusual shapes such as Steampunk cogs and chandeliers. They also do baubles, boxes and 3D shapes.
One of my recent orders I bought this fabulous pumpkin skull head and thought ooooo it looks like Jack Skellington from a Nightmare before Christmas and an idea popped in my head for a tutorial. So here it is how to make a couple of Burtonesque inspired baubles.

What you will need:
2 x Wood Baubles medium (Calico Craft parts).
1 x Pumpkin skull (Calico Craft Parts).
1 set of Flying Bat Colony - MDF Wood Shapes(Calico Craft Parts).
Acrylic paint in red, black and white. 
Gloss varnish.
Paint brush.
PVA glue.
White and black glitter.
String to hand your baubles.

Setting up my materials 

Give your wood pieces a coat of white paint.
Leave to dry then give them a 2nd coat.
Leave to dry.

On one bauble paint wobbly red stripes. Don't worry about them being untidy that is half the charm!
Leave to dry.

Now paint wobbly black stripes next to the red ones and on your other bauble paint a black swirl. This looks better if it is done free hand you want it to be Burtonesque!
Leave both to dry.

Now paint a thin layer of PVA. On your pumpkin face and sprinkle with white glitter.
Leave to dry.

Before gluing your glittered pumpkin face to your striped bauble I painted the area where the eyes and mouth are going to be with black paint.
Now paint your chosen wooden bats black.

Leave to dry.

Once dry glue on your pumpkin face on to the red and black bauble remember to line up so the eye and mouth are black.
glue on your bats on the top of each bauble and add some white highlights with white paint to add interest.
To add a bit of extra sparkle to the swirl I painted on pva glue on the black swirl and added black glitter.Any escaping glitter paint it white it adds texture to the bauble.

Leave to dry.

Paint both baubles with gloss varnish.

Leave to dry.

Then using scissors cut two lengths of string, loop through the holes.
Now your baubles are ready to hang on tree or Gothic winter twigs.

To visit Calico Crafts please visit:

Coming soon more tutorials by me ๐Ÿ˜‰

All photos on this blog are the property of
©Kat Hazelton 2017.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sybil Leek Burley's real witch!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween. I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful village of Burley in the New Forest. The village was beautifully decorated for Halloween with brooms on the gates, bunting and pumpkins. Even though Burley is a small village it has a number of fantastic shops which are full of witches, fairies and other related gifts and souvenirs which they sell all through the year. They also have a fudge shop, tea rooms and pub. Why is the village such a hot spot for witches well the whole area has had a long history of witches and witchcraft but it was during the 1950's that Burley became famous for having their very own real white witch called Sybil Leek. If you visit the Coven of Witches shop you can see photos and a brief history of their famous celebrity.

Whilst researching Cybil I found this fabulous article on Cybil Leek by Chris Packham (of BBC's Springwatch) well worth a read. Please visit.

Tributes to Cybil Leek in 'The Coven of Witches' shop.

On arriving I was greeted by a rather witchy pumpkin! 

 A Coven of Witches shop in Burley

The ceiling inside The Coven of Witches shop

                     Cybil Leek

Cybil Leek and her pet jackdaw Hotfoot Jackson.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little write up and maybe take a trip to Burley yourself one day. 

Coming soon to my to make Nightmare before Christmas inspired ornaments.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Win a painting by artist Jacqui Lovesey

You can win Algorin's portrait by artist and illustrator of Matlock the hare books Jacqui Lovesey, and win many other 'witchy' things, too.... Please visit the youtube link below for more details and join their facebook page for updates on the upcoming book

Wednesday, 25 October 2017


I just love this time of year I often spend most of October gathering ideas by visiting parks, Castles and walking in woods. I often take photographs of fungi, interesting trees, lichens and I also make lots of sketches. Something about this time of the year with the autumn colours and the excitement of the build up towards Halloween gets my imagination going! Recently I visited Clumber Park, Clumber park is set in a beautiful woodland near Worksop and down the road from Sherwood Forest. Wonderful place well worth a visit if like me you enjoy photography. Not only is it a beautiful place to walk they have both woodlands and water fronted places to explore by foot or by bike but they also have shops, cafes, Discovery centre, which is perfect for children and a large walled kitchen garden.  It was here I found this fabulous display of amazing pumpkins! Its been a long time since I have seen so many varieties! I loved the old carts too!

 For more details on Clumber Park visit National Trust website

Here are some of my needlefelt pumpkins and gourds I made last year. I really must get organised and make some more as they are so easy and fun to make! If you fancy a go please visit my youTube tutorial and have fun! 

Monday, 23 October 2017

Calico Craft Parts: Once upon a time - GD Kerstin

Had to share this link here! This is a stunning project and not just for Halloween. Would make a fabulous Gothic gift for a friend.

Calico Craft Parts: Once upon a time - GD Kerstin: Welcome! Kerstin is back with a new mixed media fantasy project.  It's an artist trading block and my inspiration was a very romant...

Monday, 9 October 2017

Fairy house and garden part 6!

 I found these fab paper mushrooms in Hobby Craft the other day just perfect for decorating the roof of my fairy house. First I cut off the wires and then glued some on the grass roof. I used Gorilla glue as it needs a strong glue, I found other glues such as pva were not strong enough.

I used a little pot to keep the mushrooms upright while the glue set as they kept falling over lol!

My grassed roof now has mushrooms I now need to repaint them and add some additional grass to blend them in. I also need to paint my mushroom chimney pot!

Will post an update soon.....

Friday, 29 September 2017

How to needle felt a mushroom brooch

Halloween giveaway!

Free Halloween giveaway this Sunday the 1st of October! You could win a fabulous needle felting pack by Hope Jacare Designs and a handcrafted needle felt Halloween bear by yours truly! Yes me! To enter visit Hope Jacare Designs facebook page

Coming this weekend my you tube tutorial on how to create a needle felt mushroom brooch!

Monday, 25 September 2017

You tube tutorial and free giveaway!

๐Ÿ„Coming very soon my youtube tutorial on how to make a needle felt mushroom brooch. Hope Jacare Designs is selling a special 'Kat Mushroom pack' which has everything you need to make this brooch and plenty of other goodies to make other Autumnal projects. Please see her fb link below and Etsy shop link at the side of my blog page.
Also coming on the 1st of October our Halloween giveaway! Hope Jacare Designs is offering one lucky winner a 'Kat Mushroom pack' and I am offering a needle felted Halloween bear made by me!๐Ÿ˜Š More news later this week.

๐Ÿ„Please visit Claire's fb page for regular updates

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Fairy house and garden part five.

Wow it's been ages since I lasted added a post about my fairy house and garden! It's been a busy summer and I just haven't had much time to settle down to a crafting afternoon. But what I have managed to do is add some 'glass and curtains' to my fairy house window.

For glass I used a plastic food carton(washed of course)

For curtains I used some tissue paper recycled from a present from a friend. You could of course use fabric but I am making this project from bits n bobs.

All I did was cut the plastic slightly larger than the window. I then cut a piece of tissue paper into two pieces and crumpled them into folds. I did mine in a untidy way to make them look a bit tatty. I then glued them onto one side of the plastic. Once dry I glued the non curtain side to the inside of the window of my house. So now it looks like a fairy has moved in and might be peeping behind the curtains lol! 

I hope you enjoyed this update I hope now it is Autumn to have some extra crafting time so I can update soon and also start some new projects.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Amazing Halloween giveaway!

Very excited! ๐Ÿ˜I have started work today on the free Halloween giveaway that myself and Hope Jacare Designs are offering this year! Claire is offering a wonderful needle felting pack and I am offering a needle felted brooch to the winner! And as a bonus I am also creating a Tutorial. I shall post more information very soon!

Fairy house and garden update....sorry for the delay but having some internet gremlins especially posting photos on blogger. Will update soon.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Fairy house and garden part four!๐Ÿ„

Welcome back we are now at part four of my fairy house and garden tutorial. Last time I painted my stone path and road black. I can hear gasps of horror lol but here is the stone path with a dry wash of grey paint added over the top. As you can see by painting it first black it gives a good base colour and colours in the cracks.

All I did to make the path grey stone was use a dry paint brush and dip it into grey paint (painting it first onto a paper towel to remove excess)and then brushing over the stones. Try not to get paint in between the stones. If you find you are painting on too much paint use the paper towel and gently rub some off. I used two different greys to give some high lights and low lights. Once dried I used some reindeer moss( used in florist displays) and some flocking( used in Model train scenery) to add some mosses and lichens.

Black painted path and road

Now dry painted with grey paint.

Path now looks like stone.

With added moss/lichen.

Adding pva glue between the stones to add more moss/lichen details. I also used some reindeer moss to create a little hedge.

Well I hope you enjoyed part four I shall post up part five soon. In part five I will be adding more details in the garden.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Fairy house and garden part three! At last lol!๐Ÿ„

Welcome back to part three of my pixie house and garden tutorial๐Ÿ„. Well last time( a while ago lol! ) I had glued down and added filler between the stones of my path and road and added some little stones by the house. Well now the fun really begins to give your scene character!

I now added a little rickety wooden fence. This was made from small lolly pop sticks which I trimmed down to a size more suitable to my scene. Which was about an inch high. I used the same filler I grouted the stones to glue the bottom of the fence posts onto the scene. Leave this to dry for a least half a day and add a little more filler if any of the posts are loose.

A little view from above to show the little lolly sticks and the general mess I make lol! 

Now I started to add little cross posts. I just cut the lolly pops to fit and glued them into place with wood glue. I did mine all rickety as I wanted my fence to look old and a bit broken in places.  Once glued leave to dry for at least a day before painted. I painted mine with a wash of brown acrylic paint. 

Now the slightly scary bit! This may look at this stage rather dramatic but trust me lol! I now painted the road and path with matt black acrylic paint making sure the stones and the gaps are all covered.

Here is the path all painted black don't worry about little bits of white showing by the fence these will be covered later with paint and scatter! Now leave the black paint to dry for a day or two.

While my path was drying I decided to add some ageing to the roof of my house. I did this by first scrapping off some of the paint with a tooth pick.

To age the area I had scratched with the cocktail stick I used a sponge to dab on some watered down brown acrylic paint.

I now decided to add some dirt to my garden area. To do this I put some pva glue in the area where I wanted soil. I then used some tea leaves. I had some lemon tea bags which I cut and poured gently onto the glued areas. You can use any tea leaves some of the fruity ones add a lovely colour. I think the lemon tea looks like mini wood chippings! Once dry I make sure it is fixed in place by adding a watered down pva solution. Which is roughly 50/50 pva and water and a little drop of washing up liquid. If you use straight pva and water it has difficulty soaking into the leaves and can dry in blobs! Add this solution with gently with a soft paint brush.

The finished result of tea leaves! Rather nice if I may say so myself! Lol!

Please join me for part four of my fairy house and garden tutorial! 

Will add a little update on my Mums Frog house in part four. 

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