Thursday, 8 February 2018

Witch Krafting with Kat: Love Wreath Tutorial by Kat Hazelton (me)

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Witch Krafting with Kat: Love Wreath Tutorial by Kat Hazelton (me): With a just a few simple items you can create a fabulous love wreath. First of all gather some materials. You will need sticks, a wrea...

Monday, 5 February 2018

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Happy new year and news

Hi there and happy new year. Yes it is a bit late but I decided to have a long Christmas break away from cyberland to spend with my family and just chill out. Now I am back yey with lots to look forward to this year including a new blog, don't worry this blog will still be up and running. My new blog will be all about witches, stories, my travels around the country hunting witches plus cool witch themed tutorials! I shall have more news on that soon. On this blog I look forward to adding more tutorials and crafting ramblings plus offering the odd giveaway and links to cool stuff on pinterest.
Talking of which I spotted some great felt tutorials on pinterest. Here is one I especially liked of a little squirrel by Lia Griffith. Please visit her fab website here:

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas everyone

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. I hope you will join me for more tutorials and craft ideas in 2018. Kat 😊

Monday, 27 November 2017

Making a Christmas tree decoration from a Costa Coffee cup!

The other week on a family day out we grabbed some coffees from Costa and they came in festive cups. So rather than putting them in the bin I decided to make some decorations from them.
All you need is:
PVA glue
String or yarn.

Gently wash your cup then remove the festive outer cover. One of mine was a bit coffee stained but that didn't bother me. Now cut out the gingerbread man shape. Then from your now undecorated cup cut a rectangle bigger than your gingerbread man. Using pva glue stick the gingerbread man onto the non shiny side of the cardboard. When dry cut around the gingerbread man and add some glue to areas you want to add glitter. Then sprinkle some glitter (I used gold) and leave it to dry. Once dry tap any loose glitter off. Then make a hole at the top with a pencil. Now thread with string and hang up! Makes good use of old coffee cups and is a fun and easy project for any ages to try.
If you don't buy coffee then use old wrapping paper instead look for larger patterns as they are easier to cut.

Have fun!🎄

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

A Burtonesque Christmas Baubles tutorial by Kat Hazelton

I recently bought some wonderful Halloween wood shapes from Calico Craft parts. They do a fantastic range of wood shapes in a variety of themes including seasonal shapes for Halloween, Easter, Christmas and also more unusual shapes such as Steampunk cogs and chandeliers. They also do baubles, boxes and 3D shapes.
One of my recent orders I bought this fabulous pumpkin skull head and thought ooooo it looks like Jack Skellington from a Nightmare before Christmas and an idea popped in my head for a tutorial. So here it is how to make a couple of Burtonesque inspired baubles.

What you will need:
2 x Wood Baubles medium (Calico Craft parts).
1 x Pumpkin skull (Calico Craft Parts).
1 set of Flying Bat Colony - MDF Wood Shapes(Calico Craft Parts).
Acrylic paint in red, black and white. 
Gloss varnish.
Paint brush.
PVA glue.
White and black glitter.
String to hand your baubles.

Setting up my materials 

Give your wood pieces a coat of white paint.
Leave to dry then give them a 2nd coat.
Leave to dry.

On one bauble paint wobbly red stripes. Don't worry about them being untidy that is half the charm!
Leave to dry.

Now paint wobbly black stripes next to the red ones and on your other bauble paint a black swirl. This looks better if it is done free hand you want it to be Burtonesque!
Leave both to dry.

Now paint a thin layer of PVA. On your pumpkin face and sprinkle with white glitter.
Leave to dry.

Before gluing your glittered pumpkin face to your striped bauble I painted the area where the eyes and mouth are going to be with black paint.
Now paint your chosen wooden bats black.

Leave to dry.

Once dry glue on your pumpkin face on to the red and black bauble remember to line up so the eye and mouth are black.
glue on your bats on the top of each bauble and add some white highlights with white paint to add interest.
To add a bit of extra sparkle to the swirl I painted on pva glue on the black swirl and added black glitter.Any escaping glitter paint it white it adds texture to the bauble.

Leave to dry.

Paint both baubles with gloss varnish.

Leave to dry.

Then using scissors cut two lengths of string, loop through the holes.
Now your baubles are ready to hang on tree or Gothic winter twigs.

To visit Calico Crafts please visit:

Coming soon more tutorials by me 😉

All photos on this blog are the property of
©Kat Hazelton 2017.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Sybil Leek Burley's real witch!

I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween. I was lucky enough to visit the beautiful village of Burley in the New Forest. The village was beautifully decorated for Halloween with brooms on the gates, bunting and pumpkins. Even though Burley is a small village it has a number of fantastic shops which are full of witches, fairies and other related gifts and souvenirs which they sell all through the year. They also have a fudge shop, tea rooms and pub. Why is the village such a hot spot for witches well the whole area has had a long history of witches and witchcraft but it was during the 1950's that Burley became famous for having their very own real white witch called Sybil Leek. If you visit the Coven of Witches shop you can see photos and a brief history of their famous celebrity.

Whilst researching Cybil I found this fabulous article on Cybil Leek by Chris Packham (of BBC's Springwatch) well worth a read. Please visit.

Tributes to Cybil Leek in 'The Coven of Witches' shop.

On arriving I was greeted by a rather witchy pumpkin! 

 A Coven of Witches shop in Burley

The ceiling inside The Coven of Witches shop

                     Cybil Leek

Cybil Leek and her pet jackdaw Hotfoot Jackson.

Well I hope you enjoyed my little write up and maybe take a trip to Burley yourself one day. 

Coming soon to my to make Nightmare before Christmas inspired ornaments.

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