Saturday, 15 July 2017

Fairy house and garden part two!

Hello welcome is part two of my fairy house and garden project.

Well last time you tuned in I had glued the little house ( hamster house) onto the base, sculpted a hill and glued on the stones to create a road and path. I have now added a grass lawn. This was a piece of 1:12 scale dolls house lawn which comes in a sheet very similar to dolls house carpet. Using a regular household clear glue ( Uhu) I have glued this over the hill and partly over the house. I had a scrap piece so I glued another bit on the other side of the path.

Adding a carpet of grass!

Using some quick drying filler ( bought at B&Q) I added some texture to the front of the house.

Using the same filler I filled in between the stones and on all areas showing wood. Apart from by the house where I glued some stones ( which my dear friend Suzanne gave me thank you).This is where I am going to add some potted plants later.

A little pathway of stones heading to a log store. The log store was something I had lurking in my bits n bobs box. The logs are just sticks from my garden.

Close up of road.

When the filler was dry I painted the front of the house with a base coat of white acrylic paint. I am not sure what colour the little house is going to be yet but it makes a good base colour. 

Well I hope you enjoyed part two part three coming soon....

A little update on my Mums Frog house.
Using the same filler I have filled the gaps in between the stone cladding....will update with part three on this little project. 

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Making a fairy house and Garden part one

Hi there, welcome to part one of my little fairy house and garden project. If you have read my previous posting you will know I have been having fun gathering materials to make this lovely little scene. I bought a pine shelf and stones from B&Q (£6 and £1) and added to this is now a little Hamster house! Yes a Hamster house! This one I bought from Amazon for less than £5.00. Perfect for those of you like myself who might not be good at woodwork! You can do lots of fab makeovers with these! Add a thatched roof, cover the walls in pebble dashing, paper or cover in sticks and flowers. I am going to cover half of mine in a grass hill a bit like a Hobbit house in Lord of the Rings!
Anyway lets get started........

Firstly I arranged it on my board and when I felt happy it was in the right place I glue it into the board. I used wood glue.

Close up of Hamster house and a fly who took great interest in my project lol!

I now started placing my stones on the board to work out where I wanted my little road and path to go.

When I was happy with the layout I glued the stones onto the base. I will be filling in around these stones later to make them look more realistic.

Now to make the house look like it is build within a hill. I used some scrap paper and wire mesh to create tge shape. I then nailed it to the house slightly going over the roof.
You could just use paper mache for this process or leave the house as it is.

 Close up of wire and paper hill.

I now started covering my hill with ModRoc which is a plaster bandage. I cut the bandage into 6 inch strips and soaked it in water and then smoothed it over the wire frame and over part of the roof. I found my ModRoc in my craft box but you can buy plaster bandages from all good hobby stores.

Here is what it looked like when the hill was fully covered. I also smoothed the bandage onto the board a little bit to soften the edge and make it secure.

I found a little wooden toadstool in my craft box so using the ModRoc I secured it to the roof. This I think will be a chimney of some sort. Hey it is a fairy house anything goes! Anyway now time to leave it all to dry! Hope you enjoyed my project so far. Please join me back here for part two!

A little extra tip!

This is a little extra project I am currently working on as I make my fairy house. Using the same style hamster house I am creating a little frog house for my Mums garden. Using some of the little stones I used in my path I gently broke them into smaller pieces and glued them onto the front of the house. I did this by putting some in a plastic bag and gently hitting them with a hammer. I used a waterproof glue so hopefully it will last a year or two in the garden.
It's looking a bit rough at the moment but once I add grouting it will smooth it all out. I will post an update on this project when I do my fairy house update 😊

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Making a fairy house and garden.

Please follow me over the coming months as I create a little miniature garden and house.
 I am not sticking to any scale with this project (this is not a 1/12th scale dollhouse project) instead I am classing it 'fairy scale'! Which means there are no rules! Lol! After all from what I have been told fairies make up their homes from items they have found, things they find and borrow! So anything goes!

At the moment I am enjoying the fun part of gathering supplies! My first gathering was from B&Q and Poundland.

To use as a base for my garden and house I have bought a pine shelf from B&Q. Mainly because it was cheap(about £6) nicely made and not too big. You can instead use a piece of MDF. Just remember to sand the edges to make it smooth.
I also bought some little tiles which I thought would make a perfect garden path! I got this pack for just £1 in their summer sale.

I also found this pack of little pegs in Poundland for just £1! After all fairies, pixies and witches need to wash their smalls! 
Poundland are well worth a look for items. They often sell sequins and cheap buttons, wool and wooden sticks for gardening all good for making fairy projects. 

Coming soon gathering natural items from woodland walks ideas on what to look out for and how to use them for fairy projects. Also fairy books to aid in ideas. 

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